Environmental quality








Quality convinces, consistency ensures loyalty. Our clients associate the name Eurodye-CTC with impeccable and consistent quality. This image must be re-earned every day! Our Group ambition is to take an active role in the battle against pollution in our sector. In order to establish a better symbiosis between industry and respect for our environment, our company takes action at all times and on all levels. We develop biodegradable products and make them in an environmental-friendly way : we recycle washing water and reprocess unused products. The solutions we offer to achieve this objective are based on dependable and simple technical principles.

Energetic optimization

720 solar panels are providing electrical power :

  • Production : 165.000 kwh / year
  • Reduction : 150.000 kg CO2 / year

With the aim of meeting future international standards, our group has drawn up its strategy on the basis of its technical nature and fixed objectives regarding service and quality.

We do not support growth at any cost; it must meet a social need to create innovations that are beneficial to our future. Although Eurodye-CTC main operating principles may seem immutable to most of our partners, clients and suppliers, we constantly question their effect on our environment.