Global presence


An undisputed international dimension establishes our position as a practically indispensable partner in the textile industry.

Our aim was to have a global presence while offering products and processes as well as technical and logistical assistance individually adapted to each of our clients.

Technical assistance to customers and distributors : 2 laboratories, one at the production site and one at the textile school of Kortrijk in Belgium.

Today, our distribution network, established in more than 55 countries, allow us to do just that.

Our aim is the same throughout the world :

  • To offer high standard products and processes.
  • To provide users with information and technical support at all times thanks to a computer database available throughout the world
  • To be willing to listen to particular needs and to respond to them on a case-by-case basis.
  • To meet the demand as quickly as possible.
  • To offer a competitive policy.
  • To be the production partner by providing our tools and skills.

The team spirit that drives everyone who works in our group, in whichever part of the world, ensures that these objectives are successfully met.