Chaussée de Charleroi 119, 1370 JODOIGNE (Belgium)

Our Legacy: From Family Roots to Global Leadership

In 1978, a family that had been involved in textiles for generations established a business specialized in auxiliary products for the textile industry : EURODYE was born.

In 1983, it had the opportunity to enter into a partnership contract with the Crosfield Textile Chemicals (CTC part of Unilever). This allowed EURODYE to gain experience and a world-renowned reputation.

In 1995, it has gone from a partnership to the purchase of CTC. The EURODYE-CTC enterprise has since developed an international marketing network to distribute the specialized chemical products (auxiliaries, dyeing agents, pigments, enzymes, “special effect” products) all over the world.

In 2000, EURODYE-CTC greatly strengthened its financial structure and equipped itself with the best assets automation of production tools, creation of specialized laboratories, centralized management ERP.

In 2018, EURODYE-CTC has acquired the Stephenson Group Textile Chemicals business.
Stephenson Textiles will form a key part of the Eurodye-CTC business future. Stephenson Textiles began in Yorkshire, England in 1856 and formed the back-bone of the Stephenson business for over 150 years.

Over the last ten years the Stephenson business has focused on its growth in other sectors and as a result felt that
Eurodye-CTC was the best partner to ensure the long-term prosperity of its Textile Chemicals business.

Global presence

With an undisputed international presence, EURODYE-CTC is an indispensable partner in the textile industry. Our global reach ensures tailored products, processes, and technical assistance for each client.

We offer unparalleled technical support through our two state-of-the-art laboratories: one at our production site and another at the textile school in Kortrijk, Belgium. Our extensive distribution network spans over 55 countries, allowing us to provide high-standard products and services worldwide.

Our global goals include:

Our dedicated team, united by a strong spirit of collaboration, ensures these objectives are consistently met across the globe.

The team spirit that drives everyone who works in our group, in whichever part of the world, ensures that these objectives are successfully met.

Our Company Charter

To respect everyone colleagues, clients and suppliers.

To focus on absolute quality, to constantly improve processes and client logistics.

To raise the level of professionalism by establishing and continuously developing communication.

To make our clients our top priority by creating long term partnerships.

To instill a creative and enterprising spirit both into our team and into our client/supplier relations.

To optimize returns as much as possible so as to make funds available for research and development, while remaining competitive.

To be mindful of the environment and the maximum conservation of our earthly resources.