Chaussée de Charleroi 119, 1370 JODOIGNE (Belgium)

Driving Innovation in the Textile Industry

Our Commitment to Creativity and Originality

Eurodye-CTC pursues several objectives, with a primary goal of becoming an indispensable partner in the textile industry. To achieve this, we focus on generating new ideas that offer greater creativity and originality.

Focused Laboratory Efforts

On a practical level, our laboratories focus on two main aims:

Quality Control

We ensure the highest standards in the quality control of raw materials and finished products.

Development of Innovative Formulas

We develop state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly formulas and processes using the most advanced technology on the market.

Collaboration and Expertise

To meet these aims, our group employs highly skilled specialists and collaborates with university research centers and large industrial chemical groups. Our development laboratory in a renowned textile school allows us to quickly integrate young textile engineers who are already familiar with our activities and principles.

Anticipating Market Needs

We continuously study and analyze both current and future market needs to be the first to offer new, innovative products and processes. We never lose sight of extremely high environmental and quality standards.

Increasing Research Budget

Year by year, we increase our research budget to remain competitive and be prepared for any wish or need in real time.