Chaussée de Charleroi 119, 1370 JODOIGNE (Belgium)

Our Company Strategy

To take the necessary steps to become a leader in the textile chemical industry.

The secret to our company success is the development of a strategy based on continuously improved state of the art technology and innovation. This strategy ultimately aims at producing industrial chemicals of recognized quality.

An important part of our profits is set aside to further our research on the expanding traditional textile sectors (spinning, preparation, bleaching, dyeing, finishing) , on specific sectors and on the sustained expansion in new sectors.

We offer a worldwide network of production and marketing units, a comprehensive and efficient technical service and local logistics to meet the increasing demands of our client.

Our organization provides local managers with response capabilities similar to the demand / service synchronism without compromising quality.

We continuously improve the added value of our products and processes as well as their safety. We are particularly mindful on the environment at our premises when producing our auxiliaries but also at our user’s premises by promoting the use of raw material that respect our environment.

We are developing high added-value niche markets on a worldwide scale in high potential growth fields.